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HLCIN Built Environment Low Carbon Challenge

innovation call is open to SMEs with innovative low carbon solutions

Innovation call open to SMEs with innovative low carbon solutions, which will improve energy efficiency or reduce carbon emissions in the built environment. Participating SMEs must be Hertfordshire-based innovators, registered in England.

The Opportunity

Eligible SMEs will be provided with 12 hours of free innovation support from BRE, including sessions on;

  • Performance assessment of non-standard innovations
  • Energy and sustainability assessment methods for the built environment
  • Market briefings directly relating to the innovation
  • Fit-to-supply sessions
  • Communicating innovation benefits
  • Understanding client appetite for investment risk

Opportunity to pitch to potential buyers Eligible innovators who complete 12 hours of innovation support will be invited to attend our Innovation Showcase on Oct 17th. Space will be provided to display marketing materials and we will facilitate introductions with potential buyers.

Further support

In addition, a number of SMEs will be eligible for further support, which might include:

  •  advice on product development
  •  access to industry leading research and development facilities to help develop, test and refine product and service solutions.
  • pilots and in-situ testing for those solutions with highest potential to meet demand requirements.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, the applicant organisation must:

  • Be an SME (fewer than 250 staff and an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euros or an annual balance sheet of not more than 43 million euros)
  • Be eligible for State Aid support (see FAQs)
  • Meet the requirements of the challenge
  • Have their registered head office in England.

    For further information please contact Jackie Sharp, Sustainability Consultant by email or by telephone 01923 665249 or visit