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Hertfordshire Business Productivity Survey

The Hertfordshire Business Productivity Survey (HBPS) is being conducted by the University of Hertfordshire with the support of Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and business support service Hertfordshire Growth Hub.

The findings will be published in a report to support the development of a Local Industrial Strategy for Hertfordshire and help set the economic priorities for the county. The Government’s Industrial Strategy sets out a long-term vision for how Britain can build on its economic strengths, address its productivity performance, embrace technological change and boost the earning power of people across the UK.

Key to increasing productivity is to understand the current UK business challenges around the key foundations of ideas, people, infrastructure, business environment and places. It is also vital to capture best practice so that we can learn from scale-ups that are growing very quickly and understand more about the decisions that the leaders in charge of those businesses take and what they prioritise to encourage further growth.

The survey will build on existing Hertfordshire economic analysis and the link to business growth, turnover and productivity.

The survey will capture the size, sector and area of activity for each organisation in order to help us to identify trends, before moving onto a series of questions relating to:

  • Business performance/exporting
  • Business eco-system/infrastructure
  • Skills and leadership
  • Business support and advice
  • Hub.

    Results from this survey will help set the economic priorities for the county and shape its Local Industrial Strategy.

Please find a link to the survey here: Hertfordshire Business Productivity Survey