Stevenage Town Square

Innovation, Collaboration and Connection – Supporting your business to realise its true growth potential

Supporting businesses who are innovating with access to funding, collaboration support, access to new markets and supply chain development

Is your business stable, just surviving or at the stage of rapid growth and seeking to support innovation in products or services to support new ways of working or even diversifying into new markets?

As part of the economic recovery programme to support Stevenage businesses, Stevenage Borough Council have partnered with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to help businesses realise their business growth potential. EEN can provide much needed support and those vital connection opportunities in research and technology, all coupled with expert advice along the way to support that important holistic approach to realise your growth potential.  

Enterprise Europe Network is able to support your business with: 

  • Finance: Cash flow / Burn rate / Sources of credit
  • Operations: Continuity of operations / Staff availability
  • Finance: Cash flow / Burn rate / Sources of credit
  • Marketing: Collaboration / New Opportunities / Competitors
  • Collaboration: New opportunities / Competitors
  • Supply chain: Availability of parts & stock / Payment terms
  • Government support: Grants / Loans 

Join Helen Turton, EEN Client Engagement & Ecosystem Relationship Manager.  Helen has worked at EEN for four years and is an experienced innovation and business growth adviser, relationship manager, and business development specialist. She is fully conversant with supporting innovative SMEs to realise commercialisation of innovation propositions. 

Enterprise Europe Network in the East of England has supported over 500 SMEs at different scale and stage of business development to find new markets, internationalise, secure finance and funding, and commercialise their innovations. 

We would be delighted if you are able to join us on Wednesday 20 January between 11:00 and 12:00 via Zoom. 

Please note that this session will be recorded. The focus will be primarily on the presentation, however please be aware that delegates may be recorded during the Q&A. 

To book please visit