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The Manufacturing Growth Programme Grant scheme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) provides free advice and support to manufacturing SMEs to help:

- Identify opportunities and create plans for growth and improvement
- Work with the best external experts to implement those plans
- Cover up to 35% of the cost of implementing the plans through a growth/improvement grant
- Connect to wider support to maximise opportunities for growth

What the MGP means for manufacturing SMEs

If you are an SME manufacturer, the Manufacturing Growth programme provides many advantages for you, including:

- An independent business review to identify opportunities for business improvement and growth
- A detailed action plan guiding you through the process of improving your business
- Access to matched industry experts to provide consultancy and/or coaching tailored to your needs
- Access to grants to co-fund your growth/improvement project

How you can benefit

By joining the Manufacturing Support Programme, you can benefit from:

- Insight into the risks/issues and opportunities for your business
- helping you better plan for the future
- Understanding of what needs to be done to make improvements
- Work with new expertise to make bring about real development
- Reduce costs, helping you make the changes you need sooner

For further support contact the Manufacturing Growth Manager, Amanda Freeland by email or by telephone 07973 946 529