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Waste Movement

EU Transition Master Checklist

Businesses will need to follow EU customs guidelines when shipping waste to the EU after the transition period. 

GB businesses to familiarise themselves with EU requirements for waste movements between GB and EU  

If you import or export waste, you’ll need to make yourself aware of the EU customs guidelines and the EU Waste Shipment Regulations. Approval is required from the regulator in the country of dispatch, country of destination and when relevant, country of transit before notifiable wastes can move. Depending on the EU competent authority it may take 30 days or more to process applications.  

The GB regulators endeavour to process applications within the 30 day time period laid out in the EU legislation. EU regulators often take more time and that is outside our control.

More information is available at: 

Please visit and use the simple checker tool to find out if your business needs to take any further actions.