Astrium?s spacecraft design and build facility is located in Stevenage

Future innovations for businesses in Stevenage

Plans are in development across Stevenage to meet the needs of businesses both now and in the future

The Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst is a unique development providing small biotech and life sciences companies and start-ups with access to the expertise, networks and scientific facilities traditionally associated with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Supported by Government, business, and the charitable sector, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst campus will offer a fertile environment for scientific innovation and commercial success. And by pioneering a culture of open-innovation it will deliver cutting edge healthcare solutions and place the UK bioscience sector, and Stevenage, at the forefront of worldwide biomedical discovery.

It will offer a range of equipment and commercial opportunities as well as scientific and commercial networking that would be impossible for a small or medium sized enterprise to develop alone. In the long term the campus plans to expand fivefold.

Stevenage Town Centre

Stevenage was Britain's first new town and built to an inspirational and robust design, including the first pedestrianised shopping centre in Britain.

In recent years it has attracted quality new investment in retail and leisure at the West Gate Centre, the Forum and the Plaza and at all three of the major retail parks on the edge of the town.

There is now an opportunity for major redevelopment to realise the wider potential of the town centre to include:

  • New shops and potentially a major new department store
  • Improved access and upgraded public spaces
  • New bus station and town centre car parking.

Gunnels Wood

Gunnels Wood is the largest employment area in Stevenage employing 18,800 people over 720,000m2 of business floor space. Improving access around Gunnels Wood as well as improvements to accommodation on the site are part of the Gunnels Wood Action Plan which will provide direction and clarity for maximising the potential of this significant employment centre up to 2021.